What is Google AMP, how to use it?

Do you know what is Google Amp and what is Accelerated Mobile Page? (What is Google AMP in Hindi) Well, in this article today, we will not only give you information about Google MMP and also know, but much more will also be learned here.

Google search engine and has been many efforts to improve, as all the appeal faster website that opens in much the same way Google Keeping in mind this thing quick mobile page built (Accelerated Mobile Pages) With the help of Google AMP, you can create webpages that load quickly on mobile browsers.

You may know that Google values ​​fast loading, Superfast Browsing sites, you can speed up your blog site by setting Amp Accelerated Mobile Pages, if you are unaware of Google AMP, then you are in the right place. Yes, here is the complete information about Google AMP.

What is Google AMP

Due to the website loading speed of the website, you can increase the traffic of the website, because the website using Google AMP is completely mobile-friendly so that your site opens completely in less than 2 Seconds, and Google Mobile too. The optimized website gives high priority so if your website is not opening properly in mobile then you should use Google AMP.

Google AMP is a Google project that Google has shown on the first page in search engines to deliver traffic to enabled web pages and loads web pages faster. If you have not enabled Google Amp, then enable Amp. Which I will tell you below, how will SEO (search engine optimization) of your blog improve and you will get a good ranking in Google-AMP SEO.

This is completely different from Responsive Design because you cannot call yourself responsive because Google Amp Pages supports HTML and to some extent CSS and blocks JavaScripts but in Responsive, you get all the pages to support. Which slows down website speed but does not happen in Google Amp.

Now, if your blog has the Google AmpAccelerated Mobile Pages feature activated, then even in slow connections like 2G, your website will open well. That too without loading, so Amp is very important for your WordPress blog.

Google Amp works as a search factor to increase website traffic or speed up, have you not enabled in your WordPress blog? Below will write how to enable Amp, with which you can setup Amp (Quick Mobile Page) in your blog very easily.

What is Google Amp, Why Amp is Necessary for Blog, How to set up Google Amp of Blog, you will find answers to all these questions in this post. Google AMP is required to get more traffic to a Google strong website, and this will make your blog less slow for HTML or JavaScript, with 60% better loading speed and website optimization.

How does Google Amp work?

Friend, Google Amp works the load speed of the website, and creates a webpage that is completely mobile friendly, for which it compresses HTML, Css and JavaScript and prevents unnecessary code from loading.

Amp creates a page from which AMP page web crawlers can easily understand what the title of this content is, and on what basis this article is written, such as Googles it was easy to find out what this page is. He will read your content well and value it

It is also called AMP Html. It is an open-source framework. AMP pages are optimized with JavaScript and Css3. All its pages are cached.

Google AMP is divided into three parts:

  • AMP JS
  • AMP Cache

Advantages or disadvantages of using Google AMP

Google AMP has many advantages to do this. You are getting more than one benefit from the same project, which is great.

Benefits of Google Amp – Advantages of Amp

If you use Amp ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ), then your website will have Speed ​​High, Loading Fast. Popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo rapidly index your posts. Your website will be mobile friendly, and the traffic coming from mobile will be high.

Any mobile user can open your web, no matter how slow the internet is. Google will value the Amp Pages and also get traffic and rankings.

Create a fast loading site: The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages project speeds up your site’s loading speed. Which opens your site faster in a mobile device.

Minify Html, Css & Javascript: This is an easy way to Minify Html, CSS and Javascript without any coding knowledge on the site.

Enable Ads : You can also show aids in your website using Google AMP, in which you can show advertising of ad-networks like Adsense ads, Flipkart, Amazon, Media.net.

Improve Server Performance : If your site’s server response time is slow and there is a lot of traffic on our site, then Amp helps improve server time.

Analytics and CDN support : With Google AMP you get Google Analytics and free CDN, using it, your site’s pages are saved in the Google Cash Store.

Avoid additional content : Basically the website is designed for different devices, when you open the website in the computer, you see the sidebar and it disappears in the phone, similarly, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimizes content well.

Increase CTR Rate: Amp shows your page in Google Top, so you will get more clicks and your site will get better CTR rate.

Google Amp Damage – Disadvantage of Amp

Why should you use Google AMP? Using Google AMP can sometimes cause you to suffer a lot of damage, some WordPress themes and frameworks do not support Google AMP, and using Google AMP with them gives you lots of errors.

Advertising revenue is reduced: Earning by placing AIDS in the website has become very traditional, in which we can earn good money by adding AIDS in the sidebar, but there is nothing like sidebar in AMP, here you have to focus on watching stick content.

No Sidebar Widget : Using Amp is not wrong, but it disappears the sidebar of your blog and forces the website to appear mobile friendly.

No control over design : If you are using Amp, remember, you cannot change your Google Amp look as you see, because your website works on Google Cache.

You cannot edit : You cannot customize Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google’s default format will be Show.

No additional content on the blog: We previously told you that the task of Google Amp is to make the website mobile-friendly, for this it ignores a lot of your widgets and elements and I show the content

You depend on Google: In order to display your website in mobile, you need to take the help of Google Amp, and you depend on Google to show you the speed and appearance, if there is a problem with Google Amp, your website Also faces that problem. have to do it.

Do you need it : There is no doubt that if your website is low speed then you should use Google Amp, because if your website speed is already fast and mobile friendly then Google Amp is useless for you .

How to setup Google Amp in WordPress

How to setup Google AMP in WordPress Blog? In the article below you will read about how to set up Google Amp, or how to enable it, I have shown you a very easy way to set up Google Amp, which you will definitely like, quick mobile pages Perform the following steps to enable.

Step-1 Download Google Amp Plugin

First of all, download ” Amp Plugin ” in your WordPress blog and then activate it, you don’t have to make any settings in it.

You can activate this plugin by going to the WordPress dashboard and going to the plugin, going to the Add New and searching from it.

Step-2 Glue For Yoast SEO

Now Google Amp has been activated in your blog, but now I will tell you about designing Amp web page, to edit or design Css, colour, logo anything, you can activate or activate ” Glue For Yoast SEO “

Amp, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Amp Design
Yoast Se Amp Design Kaise Kare

You can activate this plugin by going to the WordPress dashboard and going to the plugin, going to the Add New and searching from it.

Step-3 Setup both plugins

Now after installing both these plugins, a new option will be created in the Fast Save option which opens “Google Amp”.

You will find it easy to follow the above screenshot

Step-4 Customize Google Amp

Now by going to the Amp option, you can easily customize the Amp design of your blog. By changing Css Design, Color Change, Logo, you will help to make your webpage look better or faster.

Step-6 How to check if Google AMP is not active

Google AMP has Amp enabled in your blog or not, but now there is some question in your mind that you probably have not started whether Amp is enabled in your blog or not.

To test Google Amp, open any post on the blog and add / Amp to the last of its links. If your blog is enabled, Google will open in Amp.

Normal Blog Post: http://xtz.com/
Amp Design Blog Post: http://xtz.com/amp

Now you can see the difference between the two web pages and you can see the speed, now you will know yourself how beneficial Google AMP works for you.

Another thing you want to know is that after installing Google Amp in your blog, you can see the report of Google AmpAccelerated Mobile Pages by going inside ” Amp Google WebMaster ” to know how many are posted below , In which you will also be told about the improvement in save and ranking.

So you can enable or set up Amp (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in a WordPress blog in this way, with this, you can use Google Amp to improve the mobile version web and increase traffic.

Google Amp helps in indexing your blog posts faster, in the next post I will tell you how to activate Accelerated Mobile Pages in Blogger blog.


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