The mother is the one who gives birth to us as well as we are also following. These relationships of the mother are given the highest respect in the world. This is the reason that often in the world, life-style and honourable things have been termed as mothers, such as Mother India, Mother Earth, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Mother etc. Along with that, Mother has also been considered as an image of love and sacrifice.

History is full of descriptions of many such incidents. In which the Matas had sacrificed everything for their children while suffering various kinds of sorrows. This is the reason that these relationships of the mother are still considered one of the most respected and vital links throughout the world.

Looking at the importance of the mother, we have prepared these essays based on my mother. In which we have used simple and easy language to work on highlighting various aspects related to my mother.

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Big and Short Essay on My Mother (Long and Short Essay on My Mother)

We have prepared these essays on various topics of my mother, keeping in mind your needs. Through whom we have worked to highlight things like my mother, my mother’s importance in my life, my mother’s best friend, my mother, my best teacher, my mother, my inspiration etc.

Essay on My Mother – 200 Words

My mother holds me very carefully. I can not describe the importance of its words in words. She is in any situation, regardless, but she always remains concerned about my pleasures. Like every mother, my mother has left no stone unturned in my upbringing, that is why I respect her very much, and she does not suffer any pain.

My mother is a homemaker and is very skilled in all domestic activities. She does all the work, like cooking food and cleaning the house. Along with that, I can also say that my mother is my first teacher too because I have learned all the things in my life; she taught me, my mother, only.

When I succeed, my mother appreciates me, and she also gives me solace on the occasion of failures. Along with that, my mother also reprimands me for mistakes so that I do not go on the wrong path. In a way, my mother always cares for me, and she wants me to succeed in walking on the path of truth and goodness in life.


Essay on the importance of my mother in my life – 2 (Essay on Importance of My Mother – 300 Words)


Mother is one who gives birth to us; this is the reason that every living thing in the world has been given the mother’s name. If someone is our partner in our happiness and misery at the beginning of our life, then it is our mother. Mother never lets us realise that we are alone in times of crisis. For this reason, the significance of the mother in our lives can not be denied.

Importance of my mother in my life

Mother is such a word, the importance of which is less about the significance of it. We can not even imagine our life without our mother. The greatness of the mother can be judged from the fact that even if the person forgets the name of God but forgets to take the name of the mother. Mother is considered a symbol of love and compassion. A mother wants to provide excellent comfort to her children even after suffering all over the world.


A mother loves her children very much, she may even go hungry, but she does not forget to feed her children. In every person’s life, his mother plays important roles like a teacher and a ruler. That is why we should always respect our mother because God may be angry with us, but a mother can never be upset with her children. This is the reason that this relationship of mother in our lives has been considered so much more important than all other relationships.


If one has the highest importance in our life, then it is our mother because life can not be imagined without a mother. This is the reason that the mother is also considered the form of God on earth. Therefore, we should try to keep her happy while understanding the importance of a mother’s influence.


My mother essay on my best friend – 3 (Essay on My Mother as My Best Friend – 400 Words)


I consider my mother to be my best friend as well as a guardian and a teacher because whatever happens, her love and affection towards me are never less. Whenever I am in trouble, he knows about my problems without informing me and makes every effort to help me.

Maternity bond

A woman does not know how many relationships she has in her life like wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, but the relationship between the relationship most respected to all these relationships is the mother’s relationship. Maternity is the bond which can not be interpreted in words. Mother also gives birth to her child and also works for her upbringing. Anything happens, but a mother’s affection for her children is never less, she is also worried about herself and her children’s well-being.

A mother dares to face more significant calamities to protect her child. No matter how much pain a mother takes with herself, but she does not allow any irritation to her children. For these reasons, the mother has been considered as the form of God on the earth, and hence the saying is also prevalent that “God can not be present everywhere, so he has created a mother.”


My mother is my best friend

My mother plays many vital roles in my life; she is my best friend as well as my teacher and mentor. When I am in a problem, he works to create trust in me. Whatever I am in my life today, I am only due to my mother because both of my success and failure were with me. Without them, I can not imagine my experience; this is the reason that I consider them as my best friend.


My mother is the pillar of my life; she is my best friend as well as my teacher and guide. He stands with me in all my problems, sorrows and plagues and gives me the strength to overcome these obstacles in life, the small things told by him have made a big difference in my life. This is the reason that I consider my mother to be my ideal and best friend too.


My Mother Essay on My Best Teacher – 4 (Essay on My Mother as My Best and First Teacher – 500 Words)


Mother also plays the role of guide and teacher in our lives as well as raising us. Any new knowledge and teachings we find in our life are given to us by our mother. This is why the mother is also known as the First Teacher.

Mother’s teachings for an ideal life

The instructions given by our mother to us in the formation of our perfect life take great importance, because, from childhood, a mother gives her child the importance of goodness, goodness and always walking on the path of truth. Whenever we lose our way in our lives, our mother always tries to bring us on the highway.

No mother ever wants to have her son involved in wrong actions. In our early life, we are given much such essential education by our mother, which in our life. Therefore, the mother is considered to be a significant contributor to the creation of an ideal experience.

My mom is my best teacher

I can say this with great pride and confidence that in this world my mother is my best teacher because as soon as I gave birth, she has taught me everything in my early life, for which I have lived my whole life I would be grateful to him. When I was young, my mother taught me to hold my finger and walk. When I grew up a little, my mother taught me to wear clothes, to wear shoes, to wear shoelace, and to give me elementary education at home.

Whenever I failed in any work, my mother raised more confidence in me. Whenever I was in any problem, my mother made every effort that I would overcome that obstacle. Even though I do not have a very educated woman, her knowledge of knowledge from Tijbebi is less than that of an engineer or professor. Even today, he can teach me something or not, because how much bigger I can be, but always remain small in the experience of life. My mother is my best teacher, and every education given by him is priceless.

They gave me not only elementary education but also learned the way to live life, taught me how to behave in society. He has been with me in my misery, my power has become my strength in my troubles, and it is also my pillar of every success. Here is the reason that I consider them as my best friend.


How can we become so educated and proficient holder in our life, but what we have learned from our mother in our life can not be determined by anyone else. This is the reason that my mother is my best teacher because she taught me not just elementary education but also living her life.


My Mother Essay on My Inspiration – 5 (Essay on My Mother is My Inspiration – 600 Words)


If someone has influenced me most of my life, then he is my mother. He has taught me many things in my life, which will be my work for my whole life. I can say with great pride that my mother is my source of inspiration and my life as well as being my mentor and ideal.

The importance of inspiration in our lives

Motivation is a kind of experience that helps us achieve any challenge or success successfully. It is a kind of tendency, which helps us in our physical and social development. The motivation gained by a person and the incident makes us realise that we can achieve any goal even in critical situations.

We gain inspiration from other sources for the development of our abilities, in which the most prominent person or particular person around us inspires us to see that if he can achieve the target in dire situations too. So this work can also be done by us too.

In many people’s life, mythological or historical figures are their source of inspiration, in many people’s lives, famous person or their parents are their sources of inspiration. It does not matter who is your inspiration source, and it matters how much you are affected by its thoughts and methods in achieving your goal.

My mom is my inspiration

In every person’s life, there is no source of inspiration for him, and by that, he takes inspiration to achieve the goals of his life and move forward in his life. In a person’s life, his teacher can be his inspiration, then a successful person can be a source of inspiration in someone’s life, but in my life, I see my mother as my most significant inspiration source. There are those people who inspired me to achieve their goals in my life and always go ahead.

In my life till now, I have never seen my mother kneeling before calamities. He never cared for his sorrows for his comforts; he is an idol of sacrifice and love; he has not been able to know how many sufferings for his successes. Their behaviour, lifestyle and willpower are the biggest inspiration of my life.

My mother is my inspiration source because even if people work that they get fame and they can earn a name in society, but a mother never thinks that she wants to make her children success in her life. Whatever work he does, there is no selfishness in it. That is why I consider my mother to be a form of God on earth.


In any case, there is no source of inspiration in everyone’s life, whose actions or things are affected by it but if someone is my source of inspiration in my life, then it is my mother. His hard work, selflessness, courage and sacrifice have always worked to motivate me. They gave me valuable lessons like social behaviour, honesty and hard work. That’s why I consider them as my best education, friend and inspiration.

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